January 29, 2020

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Pruning roses,  pruning apple trees, pruning tomatoes, shrubs and much more. From kockout roses, when to prune apple trees, step-by-step guides, and potential creative ideas are just some of the helpful things you’ll find here.

Pruning Tomato Plants

Pruning tomatoes is a common gardening task performed to maximize fruit production and contain the size of the plant.  Suckers often grow throughout a tomato plants and drain energy away from fruit.  By pruning tomato plants correctly it is possible to increase the amount of fruit one plant can produce.   Tomato plantsoften grow like weeds, out-growing the container and space available.  In these cases, pruning tomatoes can be a very necessary task.  For more information please visit our page on pruning tomato plants.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the practice of removing selected leaves, braches, buds, and roots.  There are many reasons to prune trees, shrubs and various plants. Among them being; improving health and vigor, shaping, lowering risk of falling branches, planting, harvesting, and much more. In this process the removal of dead wood, diseased portions, and non-productive parts commonly takes place.  With many types of plants such as roses, fruiting trees, and vines, very specific types of pruning techniques are used.  Also, different techniques are typically used for deciduous than those used on evergreen plants.  If you were wondering about hedges, they are commonly kept by hedge trimming apposed to pruning.

Common Types of Pruning

Many different names are used for the different types of pruning methods. However, most fall into 2 different categories.  The first is most often termed a thinning cut, where a branch is cut back to a point of origin.  The second  is called heading back cut, where a branch is cut back to shorten the branch opposed to removing the limb altogether.  In attempt to increase the health and vigor of a tree, removing extended growth back to a set of buds is a common practice.  This will transfer the flow of energy to the side buds, providing for a more balanced growth.  This used to stimulate flowers, fruit trees and improve tree structure.

Thinning – Pruning by removing branches, limbs, or shoots at the base. Typically executed by removing mature branched to help the vigor of younger shoot by rerouting the trees energy. Also, used to remove old, unwanted, trouble areas.

Topping – A drastic form of pruning used to remove the top of a tree. The goal is often to maintain or lower the height of a tree.

Raising – This is accomplished by removing the low branches on a plant to improve the shape or increase the height of a tree
Reduction – The goal with reduction is to decrease the over all size of the tree by removing the leading shoots. Like thinning this will improve the health and vigor of a tree.

Pruning Roses

One of the most requested topics at How to Prune Headquarters is how to prune roses Like  many species of plants, the best way to prune a rose depends on the type of rose, the climate, and your ultimate goal for that particular plant.  If your an amateur gardener or just planting your first rose bush, there’s no need to worry, roses are hardy plants and difficult to kill once established.  One particularly good place to start if you are recently getting into roses is a variety called the knockout rose.  Please read further for information on pruning knockout roses. This type is exceptionally hardy and disease resistent.  For more in depth information and articles feel free to read our page on pruning roses.

Pruning Hydrangeas

Another favorite topic is hydrangea pruning and for good reason. This charismatic flower shows off its beauty in 2 very distinct patterns.     One of mop head.  This name is derived from is pom pom like bunches of flowers forming a unique and eye-catching arrangement.  The other is called lace-cap.  Here the center group of flowers is slightly smaller and is surrounded by open pedal flowers.  For more information visit our page on pruning hydrangeas.

Pruning Grape Vines

Pruning grape vines regularly  is an essential task to maximize your crops output.   Without this periodic maintenance your plants can quickly get out of control.  With the overgrowth of vegetation the production of fruit will be limited as well as a decrease in quality.  However, with a little love and care your vines will be vines will be produce big beautiful grapes in now time.  For more information feel free to visit our other pages on how to prune grape vines.

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