December 11, 2019

How to Prune a Peach Tree

Peach trees need yearly pruning to allow better sunlight penetration and air movement. Too much shading on the twigs of the peach tree can kill them and make the lower part of the tree barren. People are often afraid to prune peach trees as they think that this will only reduce the amount of fruits that they could harvest. Pruning can indeed lessen the number of fruits a peach tree will normally bear; however, the quality of fruits produced by a properly-pruned tree is far more superior than those of an un-pruned tree.

How to prune peach trees

These basic steps on how to prune a peach tree can be used to make sure that the tree can produce healthy and quality fruits.

  1.        Cut out water sprouts. Water sprouts contribute to shading of lower branches. It is important to prune this upright growth all the way to the branch it’s growing from.
  2.        Remove any infected or dead wood. Grayish twigs with dried out appearance must be pruned. These twigs are brittle and can often be taken out by hand. Dead twigs can be easily infected by pests.
  3.        Cut out crossing limbs. Fruits growing on crossing limbs will often get rubbed by interlacing branches. This will cut the fruit open and spoil them. Spoilt fruits can easily catch diseases and are easy targets of insects and pests.

The above mentioned steps on how to prune a peach tree are just some of the many practices to ensure a good and healthy harvest from your peach tree.

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