January 29, 2020

Basic Tips on How to Prune Apple Trees for Beginners

If you want to have a good plant breed where you can have various benefits except from the shade, apple trees are always a good option. The problem with planting trees is the plant may consume a lot of space as soon as it reaches a mature state, which could be a problem especially if you’re living in a semi to fully urbanized areas. In horticulture practice, using the pruning technique would make your tree care giving easier.

The main purpose of pruning is to give young plants a stronger, more mature branches and trunk, while the older ones are pruned to keep its shape. Though apples are versatile, improper pruning techniques will cause it to have a disease and decay. If you want your trees to grow healthily and produce more fruits, you may want to know how to prune an apple tree and avoid the possible mishaps of getting it wrong.

How to Prune Apple Trees: Information for Growers

1. The first thing you need to consider is time. Identifying when to prune the trees is essential for the success of your gardening. The best time to do this is during summer when the plants don’t have to struggle with cold temperature which can affect the growth of trimmed parts.

2. Before cutting, make sure that the trunk has at least four fully grown branch or mature buds below the part you want to trim.

3. Mark the branches you want to cut down with a chalk or any kind of marker. This will make your work easier and more convenient; you don’t have to identify again which branches you want to get rid of.

4. Work above the branch you’re cutting; this is always safer than working below it. Branch debris may get inside your eyes and irritate them, and this would be the last thing you want to happen during a rigorous task. You would need a reliable ladder to make sure you’ll be able to prune the parts you want.

Learning how to prune an apple tree is not as hard as it sounds. Apple trees are versatile to a lot of conditions such as pruning, but this should not let you do the wrong kind of pruning. A correct way of pruning will make a healthy tree that produces high quality fruits.

For a further tutorial on how to prune apple trees watch this great video!


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