January 29, 2020

How to Prune Grape Vines for Great Gardening Outcome

Just when you thought that trees are the only plant species viable for pruning, think again; vines also need the same gardening procedure for them to grow in a healthy state. Unlike trees old branches of vines can be a total ground mess and getting rid of them is a must.

You don’t have to own a vineyard for you to see the essence of learning how to prune grape vines; just being a plain gardener is enough reason why you should. After all, you may have at least one vine species in your backyard that could cause you hassle when they mature. On the other hand, if you’re a grape vine grower, it is utterly necessary to learn a few things about vine pruning.

Points to Remember Before Learning How to Prune Grape Vines

1. Remember that pruning grape vines is not the same as cutting off a fruit tree. You’d need to apply a different technique when doing this gardening process. First, you have to identify the age of the grape vine, if it’s mature enough to receive pruning. Even if your vine already has enough branches and leaves, this does not mean that you can already prune them. You need to wait for two years before doing this.

2. If learning how to prune fruit trees is simple, doing the process with grape vines is different. Though not necessarily difficult, grape vines can be a bit sensitive to these methods. Thus, a gardener must be really careful in performing it.

3. Choose only mature branches to cut off. This is a universal law when it comes to learning how to prune grape vines. In vines, however, only choose those which are directly connected to the main, thickest trunk. This will assure your vines to recover from the pruning.

Here is a great video on how to prune grape vines. Enjoy!

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