January 29, 2020

How To Prune Knockout Roses

How to Prune Knock Out Roses

With it’s recent surge in popularity the question of how to prune knock out roses often arises. As knock out roses are shrubs, they are typically very easy to prune.  However, after initial planting, it is commonly advised to wait a year before pruning.  This gives the plant time to grow freely and help establish its root system.   This type of rose will quickly let you know when it is well rooted by the masses of foliage typically produced.

Getting Started Pruning

Start pruning your roses by removing a third of the foliage.  Do this in a manner that gets you close to the optimal shape you’d like your rose bush to be.  Next remove most the remaining foliage, leaving 3 to 5 of the best performing canes.  This will allow new canes to grow and yield beautiful flowers.

Original Knockout Rose

Pruning Tips

When deciding which canes to remove it is best to remove the inner limbs as well as any that cross.  By leaving the outer parts of the bush this will allow better light and air flow as the plant fills in throughout the year.  Like most plants and shrubs it is good to remove any dead or unhealthy looking areas of the plant.  Pruning techniques may vary slightly with differing climates, so keep an eye on your plants and make adjustments as necessary.

Various Types of Knock out Roses:The Original Knock Out Rose (Rosa Radrazz):  This founding

Rainbow Knockout Roses

member of the knock out rose clan impressed growers with its hardiness and disease resistance.  It quickly became popular as little maintenance is needed for this plant to flourish.  Another popular feature is the vibrant scarlet colored blooms this rose produces through the seasons.  A plant fit for all gardeners.

The Rainbow Knock Out Rose: This flower has uniquely colored coral pink blooms.  The center is a yellowish color.  One of its distinctive features the small size of the bloom.  As the plants energy starts to transfer to other areas, the yellow colored bloom will turn a light pink and eventually to white.  As knock out roses are hardy, this variety is not commonly affected by black spot.  As new leaves are emerging from the stems, the have a dark reddish color and as they develop, they will fade to a deep green.

The Blushing Knock Out Rose: When this plant blooms the petals will have a light pink color.  Over the following days, the flowers color will only fade slightly.  It carries many of the hardy properties as the knock

Blushing Knockout Rose

out rose.  If you plant this in your garden be prepared for it to grow quickly and take up space.  Otherwise, have a good pair a pruning shears handy.The Pink Knock Out Rose: Similar to the original knock out rose, the Rosa Radcon has single petal.  One difference is that the shade of pink on this flower is distinctively exuberant.  Also black spot resistant, this rose is self cleaning.  If you want to add more color to your drought tolerant garden, this is a good option as it requires very little water.

Double Pink Knock Out Rose (Rosa Radtikopink): This type of rose is a most closely rembles the color pink bubble gum.  Popular  for being very heat resistant, this flower has a picture perfect shape and form.  They will typically bloom starting in late winter all the way through fall into early winter.  After sowing its roots, this plant will stand trough most all weather conditions.Double Red knock Out Rose (Rosa Radtko): Similar to the original,

Double Knock Out Roses

winters and come back with big bright blooms in the spring.  This is the top choice for many gardeners.Sunny Knock Out Rose (Rosa Radsunny):  Improving on the knock out

rose family, this flower features a sweet rose smell.  With sunny yellow blooms, this slightly smaller flower sits more erect than most the roses.  The leaves will be a dark green and appear to have a sheen that compliment the blooms nicely.For more info about how to prune knock out roses watch these great videos:

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