January 29, 2020

Privacy Policy

Howtoprunehq.com acknowledges the importance of your personal information privacy, thus we are taking rightful measures to protect them. Any of the information you have imparted with our system are protected with various technical measures.

Although we do not have sign up features, you may want to share with us your comments and questions that would require you to share your private information such as your name and contact details. We need this information to respond better in your queries, to give you a personalized visitor experience and to protect our website as well from suspicious visitors. Hence, giving out your personal details is required at times.

Do we share your personal information to any entity or to the Internet?

As stated, we know how you value your privacy, and we will never sell or reveal your personal information to any external body or person not involved in howtoprunehq.com privacy protection team.

What about third party links?

We may include external links in the pages for recommendation. Note that external websites do have their own privacy policies which are not in our control. Whatever information shared in that website, although the link was from howtoprunehq.com, is beyond our discretion.

By using our website for any purpose, you agree to our terms and conditions. Please be advised that we can make any changes to our policies without further notice. Any changes made will be shown on this page.