January 29, 2020

Tips for how to prune roses

For first time trimmers, how to prune roses can be quite intimidating. However, it is necessary to prune rose bushes so that they grow in a healthy and glowing flourish.

Here are some easy guidelines on how to prune a roses:

  1. Use clean, sharp pruning tools.
  2. Always start pruning from the base of the rose bush.
  3. While pruning, make sure to keep in mind that you are doing it to open the center up so that the plant can receive better sunlight and air circulation.
  4. All your cuts should be made at a 45-degree angle, approximately ¼ inch above a rose bud
  5. Avoid making ragged cuts; all your cuts must be sharp and clean
  6. Cut all stems that look shriveled, dry or black.
  7. Remove twiggy or weak branches. Cut branches or twigs with diameters smaller than that of a regular pencil
  8. If cane borers are common in your area, seal pruned cuts with any white glue (Elmer’s Glue would do)
  9. If there’s twigs and leaves growing below the graft, remove them.
  10. Remove any remaining foliage

Why prune a rose bush?

  • To encourage the growth of fresh and healthy branches and help the plant bloom beautiful flowers
  • To remove dead twigs and leaves that can cause diseases
  • To improve sunlight penetration and air circulation
  • To beautify and shape the rose bush

Don’t get daunted if you don’t know how to prune roses like a pro. Roses are just bushes and as long as you don’t uproot it, your first time pruning can’t do damaging and irreversible harm to the plant.

For more info on how to prune rose bushes watch this great video!

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