January 29, 2020

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Indeterminate Tomatoes

Pruning Indeterminate vs. Determinate Tomatoes

Pruning Indeterminate vs. Determinate Tomatoes Tomato pruning is often an essential task when it comes to growing tomatoes.  As the plants become established and start to take off, they frequently grow out of control.  Suckers will start growing … Read More

Double Knock Out Roses

How To Prune Knockout Roses

How to Prune Knock Out Roses With it's recent surge in popularity the question of how to prune knock out roses often arises. As knock out roses are shrubs, they are typically very easy to prune.  However, after initial planting, it is commonly … Read More


When to Prune Roses

When to Prune Roses Just the though of pruning roses causes many people to cringe.  However, this is a vital task for the health of your rose bushes and will promote bigger more vibrant roses in the future.  For most people this skill will … Read More


How to Prune Roses

How to Prune Roses Pruning roses can be simple, however it needs to be performed consistently to develop the beautiful roses that you're looking for.  It's common that as people are pruning roses, they simply lop off the top half of the bush. … Read More


How to Prune Grape Vines for Great Gardening Outcome

Just when you thought that trees are the only plant species viable for pruning, think again; vines also need the same gardening procedure for them to grow in a healthy state. Unlike trees old branches of vines can be a total ground mess and getting … Read More