February 17, 2020

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Basic Tips on How to Prune Apple Trees for Beginners

If you want to have a good plant breed where you can have various benefits except from the shade, apple trees are always a good option. The problem with planting trees is the plant may consume a lot of space as soon as it reaches a mature state, … Read More


Tips for how to prune roses

For first time trimmers, how to prune roses can be quite intimidating. However, it is necessary to prune rose bushes so that they grow in a healthy and glowing flourish. Here are some easy guidelines on how to prune a roses: Use clean, sharp … Read More

Pruning Tomato

How to Prune Tomato Plants

The natural vigor and hardiness of tomatoes ensures a successful and bountiful harvest. However, the rapid and shooting growth of a healthy tomato plant can sometimes lead to problems. Why prune tomato plants? Tomatoes, especially healthy ones, … Read More

Pruning Rose

Guide to Pruning Knockout Roses

Guid to how to prune knockout roses Roses are the most common flower bearing shrubs and are associated with various emotions. Present in almost every occasion, roses is already a staple in every gardener's lot. While a lot of rose species are … Read More

Gardening 101: How to Prune Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are flower bearing plants common in Asian countries such as China and Japan. However, exportation of these plants species went all the way to the western countries, where the temperature and soil are favorable for their growth. Though … Read More